Black House Coffee
Black House Coffee
is a coffee shop located in Haven, Maine.

Jennifer Mason visits this coffee shop as well as Don Keaton. When Jennifer leaves, people begin congratulating Don on his award, making him feel guilty and triggering his trouble. Thus turning everyone in the coffee shop into ash. Jennifer returns for a forgotten item and discover the place filled with ash people. She calls Haven PD and Nathan and Dwight investigate the scene.

In See No Evil, Mara visits the Black House Coffee posing as Audrey. She goes into the backroom with Sam to look for a Thinny, but finds it sealed. When Sam questions her, Mara shoots him dead. Haven PD later find the body.


Black House is the title of a 2001 novel written by Stephen King and Peter Straub. The novel is also the sequel to the 1984 novel The Talisman.


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