Bud Shubert
HVN 0514
Season 2
Ability N/A
Appearance A Tale of Two Audreys
Status Alive
Actor Hans Boggild
Bud Shubert is the husband of Arlene Shubert, the father of Connie Shubert, the father-in-law of T. J. Smith, the grandfather of Aaron Smith, and a resident of Haven, Maine.


In A Tale of Two Audreys, Audrey and Nathan visit Bud and his wife about their car that had been in an accident in town. Bud reveals he wasn't the one driving, but instead it was his son in law, TJ. Bud tells them about the death of their daughter and TJ's wife and how TJ isn't taking it too well. They were currently taking care of Aaron, their grandson.


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