Camden is a small town in the state of Maine.

The town is situated on the western shore of Penobscot Bay, along Route 1, and is located to the north of Rockland, the south of Belfast, and the east of Augusta in the northeastern corner of Knox County.

Residents of the town included Phil Reiser, James Wardell, and Joe Campbell. When Reiser died due to rapid aging, his body was placed in a rowboat by Wardell and set adrift in Penobscot Bay. The boat eventually washed up on the shore of Haven, where it was found by Vince and Dave Teagues.

Funk Parlor Tattoo is also located in Camden. Haven detectives Nathan Wournos and Audrey Parker traveled to the town and visited the tattoo parlor in August of 2010 after Reiser washed up in Haven.



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