Claire Callahan
Season 3
Ability None
Occupation Psychiatrist
First Appearance Stay
Last Appearance Reunion
Relationships Audrey Parker (best friend)
Nathan Wuornos (friend)
Duke Crocker (friend)
Jordan McKee (former patient)
Appeared In 11 Episodes
Status Deceased (killed by Arla Cogan)
Actor Bree Williamson

Dr. Claire Callahan (b. 1983) was a psychiatrist living and working in Haven, Maine. She shares her surname with former Jerusalem's Lot priest Donald Callahan.


Smart, pretty, with an enthusiastic, live-for-today attitude - a by-product of living in a place where there may not be a tomorrow. Claire is intuitive and can be painfully blunt. She's never intentionally cruel—it's just the way she looks at the world. She has a sweet heart, but sometimes her directness can come off a little brash.


Born and raised in Haven, Claire left a happy and well-adjusted family to earn her degree in psychiatry. She's a well-trained and thoroughly modern psychiatrist. Claire practiced in Boston for a year until a tragedy involving one of her patients sent her back home. Claire hung a shingle in Haven, and her practice did well (Haven needs shrinks).

Season 3Edit

Claire first appears in 301, to help Audrey after her abduction. She is one of the Bolt Gun Killer's victims. Audrey at first refuses to talk to Claire but eventually warms up to her.  She helps Audrey remember some details from her past life as Lucy. She is killed by Arla Cogan who takes her identity before she is discovered by Audrey because of the fact that she knew too much about an interrogation that the skin walker had done of Dave and Vince.



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