Season 5
Ability Erase people's memories, causing them to lose time. (Formerly)
Can also absorb and use troubles.
Occupation Everything
First Appearance "Blind Spot"
Last Appearance "Forever"
Relationships Charlotte Cross (wife)†
Mara (daughter)†
Audrey Parker (daughter)
Dave Teagues (pawn/host)†
Duke Crocker (ex-servant unwillingly)†
Appeared In 4 episodes
Status Alive
Actor William Shatner
TBA (voice)

Croatoan is a mysterious word that Dave Teagues has seen in his visions. Croatoan is actually a creature that lives in the Void. Croatoan took over Charlotte's husband, making the two one and the same.


Croatoan was thought to be a long-lost tribe that disappeared through the thinnies in a green mist. In one of Dave's visions a tribesman was being chased by something or someone and he left a carving of the word "Croatoan" in the bark of a tree before he was killed.

In Much Ado About Mara, the word is found written on Maddie's pad after her forgotten hypnosis session with Dave Teagues.

In Chosen, Vince and Dave Teagues find the word etched onto a rock.

In Wild Card, Charlotte reveals to Audrey and Dwight that Croatoan is a monster, not a word. Later that day, Croatoan confronts Charlotte about what she did with the aether and Mara. She warns him to stay away from Audrey and tries to attack with a knife but Croatoan (in Dave's body) stabs her at least fifteen times. Mortally wounded, Charlotte tells Audrey that her husband, father of Mara and thus of Audrey, whom she thought had been killed by Croatoan in the Void, has become Croatoan.

In Just Passing Through, in 1983, Dave is dragged into a thinny and temporarily taken over by Croatoan. The monster reemerges through the thinny and kills James Cogan, the Colorado Kid, taking aether out of him through his eyes. His mother, Lucy Ripley, is a helpless onlooker. It is not possible for Croatoan to stay in Dave and he has to retreat to the Void.

In A Matter of Time, Vince and Dwight once again call in the hypnotist, Maddie, to hypnotize Dave in an attempt to drive Croatoan out of him. Croatoan kills Maddie, who is Troubled, and extracts the aether in her body through her eyes. He edits the memories of Vince and Dwight so that they do not immediately realize what has happened. Croatoan can communicate with Dave in Dave's mind while he is under hypnosis. He tells Dave that because Dave is a Halfling (a being with a human parent and a parent from Charlotte's world) he makes an ideal vessel for Croatoan's attempt to enter this world. His first attempt to do so in 1983 ended in failure, but his second attempt succeeded when Dave opened the door in the aether cave and he cut Dave's leg.

He has been gathering aether (as the no-marks killer) and is now strong enough to pour out of Dave on his own. He promises to spare Dave's life but only if Dave vacates the "mind-palace" where he has been resisting Croatoan. Dave refuses and manages to destroy Croatoan's memory-erasing ability, but at the cost of his own life. Croatoan flows out through Dave's mouth in the form of a smoky cloud and disperses over Haven.

In Blind Spot, Croatoan works with Duke Crocker to stop the barn from being completed. Croatoan instructs Duke to bring Audrey to him.


Notes Edit

  • The word Croatoan is a reference to the missing colony of Roanoke. In 1590 the colonists disappeared without a trace, leaving the word "Croatoan" carved into a tree.
  • This is also a reference that has significant meaning in another Stephen King work, Storm of the Century. A presence known as André Linoge makes itself known and then demands that people of the small town of Little Tall Island, Maine provide it with a child to have as its own. It is implied that this creature was the cause of the troubles for the Roanoke Colony.

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