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Dwight Hendrickson
Haven - Season 5 - Cast Dwight
Season 2, 3, 4, 5
Ability Bullet Magnet (Formerly)
Occupation Army Ranger (formerly)
Troubles Cleaner (formerly)
Police Chief (formerly)
The Guard (former acting leader/member)
First Appearance Sparks and Recreation
Last Appearance Forever
Relationships Lizzie (daughter),
Nathan Wuornos (ally),
Duke Crocker (ally),
Audrey Parker (ally)
Vince Teagues (ally),
Unknown sister (deceased),
Charlotte Cross (romantic interest; deceased)
Gloria Verrano (friend)
McHugh (friend)
Unknown ex-wife
Appeared In 42 episodes
Status Alive
Actor Adam "Edge" Copeland

Dwight Hendrickson is a shrewd, longtime Haven resident who served as a confidant to Nathan's late father and assisted the former sheriff in keeping particularly suspicious supernatural activity under wraps. In the show's second season, Nathan finds himself reaching out to Dwight, just as his father did before him. He is the father of Lizzie.


Dwight served as a soldier fighting in Afghanistan in late 2001; when his unit attempted to secure a building, they found a platoon of insurgents inside. Hendrickson's unit was captured, and the situation triggered his affliction, which caused every bullet fired to redirect itself at him. While recovering in the hospital, Dwight was visited by Grady, a member of The Guard, and learned about the supernatural enclave of Haven; Dwight claimed that he didn't need protection, and Grady suggested that Dwight could in turn protect others like himself.

Some time after, he moved to Haven with his young daughter Lizzie. He then receives a phone call from another member of the Guard, who tells him to open his door, where he finds a package marked with a maze symbol and containing a bulletproof vest with the same symbol on its back. He eventually met with Jordan and began regularly attending the Guard's meetings, and later began helping the Troubled throughout Haven.

The Guard began sending Dwight across the country to find Troubled people and relocate them to Haven, sometimes by force; when one such individual refused to move, the Guard ordered Dwight to kill him. Dwight refused and subsequently quit the Guard, but was visited by two of his fellow Guardsmen, one of whom pulled a gun on Dwight; Lizzy witnessed the altercation, and the stress triggered her affliction. Dwight disarmed the Guardsman even as he pulled the trigger, but the bullet was drawn to Lizzy, killing her.

Some time later, Dwight allied himself with Garland Wuornos. He regularly went fishing with Reggie Buzzwell. 

Season 2Edit

In Sparks and Recreation, Dwight responded after a bizarre electrical surge at a Pee Wee Baseball League field in Haven. That is where Nathan first meets him, and Dwight tells Nathan about how he used to work for Garland. His job was to clean up the mess behind the troubled and help make it disappear so the public won't hear of it. Later on, Nathan calls for his help when they find the person who was shocking everyone. Dwight see Nathan stand up to the Rev and tells him that was impressive.

In lockdown, he was arrested by Officer Paul Stark for walking around with a hunting crossbow. Lucky for him, Nathan see this and gets Dwight released. When the police station is on Lockdown, Dwight becomes Nathan's man outside, and tell him what happening. Dwight eventually comes in and saves Nathan with his affliction: bullet magnet.

In Who, What, Where, Wendigo?, Dwight assists Nathan in the hunt for a missing child. He finds the youngest Benton, Sophia, who is hungry in the forest, but gets his leg caught in a bear trap. Believing he can't get it off Dwight tells Sophia to go on and eat him. A weak Sophia tells him he can't give up. Later he takes the three Benton sisters to his truck saying that he will take them to a slaughterhouse until the Troubles are over. In his truck he looks at a picture of his daughter Lizzy.

Season ThreeEdit

In 301, Dwight is in town, cleaning up the mess in town as well as spreading rumors of a gas leak.

In Magic Hour Part 2 it is revealed that Dwight has a very large Maze tattoo on his back.

Season FourEdit

Vince appointed Dwight to take Nathan's place as police chief of Haven and gave him a temporary position as Detective.

Season FiveEdit

The Old Switcheroo: Part 1, while investigating a case, Dwight suddenly switches bodies with Gloria Verrano. He is unable to drink coffee while in this state, and often repramands Gloria for her poor eating habits.

The Old Switcheroo: Part 2, Dwight helps bring the Doohan brothers back together, then collapses upon their tearful reunion. He wakes up back in his own body. Later, he confronts Gloria to know what secret they had with each other that caused them to switch. Gloria reveals that she found out Dwight's sister had died, due to her Trouble being activated.


Season 2Edit

Season 3Edit

Season 4Edit

Season 5 Edit



  • Dwight was originally going to be a guest for one episode in season two but was instead promoted to recurring after his role was expanded to four episodes.
  • Despite not being credited as a series regular, Dwight is the only recurring who has appeared in the promotional material for season five and cover of Haven: The Complete Series. According to writer Brian Millikin, they wanted focus more on the supporting characters for that season due to a creative decision.


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