Eric Balfour
Full Name Eric Salter Balfour
Born April 24, 1977
Birth of place Los Angeles, California, USA
Years active 1991–present
Character Duke Crocker
Eric Balfour (@ERICBALFOUR) is an American actor who plays Havenite Duke Crocker on Haven. He is one of the lead roles along side Emily Rose and Lucas Bryant.


Eric Balfour was born in Los Angeles, California on April 24, 1977. His earilest appearances were Buffy the Vampire Slayer where he was one of the first victims, Jesse McNally. He soon appeared on Hawii, and Sex, Love & Secrets. Eric even appeared in a Canadian drama, Lie With Me. He has appeared in many other shows after.

Eric has made his footprint in movies, and his first most notable movie was The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. He later starred in the movie Skyline.


He has appeared in all episodes to date with the exception of "Butterfly" and "Fur."

External LinkEdit

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