Gloria Verrano
Gloria Verrano
Season 4, 5
Ability None (family trouble ended)
Occupation Medical Examiner
First Appearance Countdown
Last Appearance Forever
Relationships Lincoln Harker (husband)
Ben Harker, Sr. (husband)†
Ben Harker, Jr. (stepson)†
Aaron Harker (grandson)
Vickie Dutton (intern, friend)
Dwight Hendrickson (friend)
Nathan Wournos (friend)
Audrey Parker (friend)
Appeared In 23 episodes
Status Alive
Actor Jayne Eastwood

Dr. Gloria Verrano[note 1] is a medical examiner working for the Haven Police Department. Though she is not Troubled, it is only because one of Duke Crocker's ancestors killed her Troubled ancestor and ended their curse.

Returning to workEdit

Verrano worked for the Haven Police Department with Garland Wuornos during the early-1980s outbreak of the Troubles, and eventually retired and left the town prior to Eleanor Carr's tenure as M.E. She returned to Haven in mid-2011 after Dr. Rudy Lucassi left unexpectedly in the middle of the night, and hired Vickie Dutton as her intern.[2]


Season 4Edit

Season 5Edit


  1. Gloria's last name is seen on a list that Audrey Parker provides alternate universe Duke Crocker in "The Trouble With Troubles"[1].


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