Grey Gull

The Grey Gull is a waterfront bar owned by Duke Crocker.


The restaurant was formerly owned by the McShaw family, and operated for a brief time as the Second Chance Bistro. In 2010, the restaurant was bought by Bill McShaw with his brother Jeff. The two planned a grand re-opening in July, but the evening turned disastrous when all of Jeff's cooking turned inexplicably rancid. Crocker purchased the bar from Bill for $20 in July of 2010.

In Fear & Loathing, a memorial service was held at the bar in honor of the recently-deceased Chief of Police Garland Wuornos. Crocker later offered the rooms above the bar for rent to Audrey Parker. Audrey currently lives in the room above the bar. In Friend or Faux Duke lets a kid hide out at his place for a bit.

In Fallout, Duke's brother Wade, takes over in Duke's "apparent" death. In The Trouble With Troubles, the Grey Gull in an alternate reality is a JoJo's Bait Shop.

In Spotlight, Duke catches Jody taking cash and confronts her. Then her trouble activates and sets somethings on fire. In The Old Switcheroo: Part 2, Nathan and Duke take Mara to the Gull so Duke can let out a reincarnation trouble to bring Audrey back.


The Grey Gull was a diner on Moose-Lookit Island in the novel.



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