Running Time 41–43 Minutes
Creators Sam Ernst
Jim Dunn

Emily Rose
Lucas Bryant
Nicholas Campbell
Eric Balfour

Country of origin United States
Networks Syfy
Original run July 9, 2010–December 17, 2015
No. of episodes 78
No. of seasons 5
Production Company Big Motion Pictures
Entertainment One Television
Universal Networks International
Canwest Global (2010)
Shaw Media (2011–15)
Distributor Entertainment One
IMDB page

Haven is a supernatural drama television series loosely based on the Stephen King novel The Colorado Kid. The show, which deals with strange events in a fictional town in Maine named Haven, is filmed on the South Shore of Nova Scotia, Canada, and is an American/Canadian co-production.

The one-hour drama premiered on July 9, 2010, on Syfy. The series was the first property to be produced for Syfy Pay channels around the globe, excluding Canada and Scandinavia. On August 18, Syfy announced that it cancelled Haven prior to the mid season five premiere. Haven finished its run on December 17, 2015.


FBI Special Agent Audrey Parker (Emily Rose) arrives in the small town of Haven, Maine on a routine case only to find evidence of the paranormal and a town strongly invested in looking the other way. Working with local HPD Detective Nathan Wuornos (Lucas Bryant), she finds herself increasingly involved in the return of "The Troubles", a plague of supernatural afflictions that have occurred in the town at least twice before. She also finds a personal link in Haven that may lead her to the mother she has never known.

Parker begins to realize that her arrival in Haven may have been planned and that her name and even her memories may not be her own. As the series progresses, she learns that the mystery of true identity may go hand in hand with the mystery of Haven.





Opening SequenceEdit

Haven (syfy original series ) Opening00:30

Haven (syfy original series ) Opening


The opening credits for all the season one episodes, except for the pilot, originally had a mixture of main, recurring and guest actors before ending with the Based on The Colorado Kid by Stephen Kid credit. But starting with season 2, the opening credits for each episode lists the main cast first followed by the guest starring bill.

Since season two, the Syfy Original Series banner has been used throughout Haven's run on Syfy. It appears right before the main cast bill.

Audrey's original FBI badge from the first two season has been replaced with a new one in the final three seasons.

Some shots have been either rearranged or removed throughout the series. They include The Guard symbol on a gravestone from seasons one and two, and the antique store from season one.

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