All character pages belong in at least three categories, and most belong in four. This guide provides a step-by-step explanation as to how to properly categorize a character page.

By appearanceEdit

1. Mentioned, minor or recurring - Every character page needs one of these categories:

2. Seasons: -put the character in as many of these as apply. Only include seasons that the character actually appeared in, mentions and replaying old footage does not count. Characters that are only mentioned (Category:Characters - mentioned)) do not belong in any season categories:


3. Now that we've organized it by how frequently the character appears and in what seasons, we also add some in-universe categories. Most characters are going to end up in Category:Haven residents or one of the Haven subcategories (Category:Troubled, Category:HPD personnel, etc). A few characters will end up in Category:Nederland residents or Category:Boston residents, one of the few non-Haven categories. Finally, a few characters don't fit into any sub categories (generally because they are the only character from a particular location) and so these go into Category:Characters

To see a full listing of in-universe character categories, go to view the category tree here. If you're unsure on the rules for a particular category, go to the category page and check it out. Most category pages explain themselves.


4. Category:Character pages - This is a maintenance category that holds all characters on the wiki. This belongs on every character page.

5. Finally, add {{Namesort}} at the bottom of the page with the categories. This template will help ensure that characters are organized "Last name, first name" within category pages.

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