Revered Flagg in Haven 1698

Herald of Haven

The earliest known edition of the Haven Herald is a broadsheet from 1698 titled "Herald of Haven".[note 1]. It features prominently in the opening credits.

The broadsheet makes references to "Revered Flagg", a reference to Randall Flagg, a character that appears in many Stephen King works.

The broadsheet also references witches, likely referring to the witch trials in the early modern period. The most notable instance at the time was in Massachusetts, not Maine, though there is some evidence to connect the Salem witch trials with the Wabanaki Confederacy.[1][note 2]


The most
on the proper devices
most godly mechanisms
examination and discovery of

The Church of the Holy Trinity[note 3]
is welcome to ofer it's grand hall for this
very special offering for discourse.


  1. Follows the 27 year cycle, 1698 is 12 years after the mysterious woman would have last left Haven, taking the Troubles with her
  2. The Wabanki Confederacy includes the Míkmaq. The town of Haven gets its name from the Míkmaq word Tuwiuwok, which means "Haven for God's orphans"
  3. The Church of the Holy Trinity might be a precursor to The Good Shepherd Church, which wasn't established until 1760.


  1. Courey, Gale (October 29, 2011) "Were Salem’s Men Witches’ Victims of Politics?"

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