Volume ? Number 47 of the Haven Herald covered the disappearance of Lucy Ripley. The paper is dated Thursday, October 22, 1983.[inconsistent 1]

The front page story was titled "Methane Leak in Downtown Haven Causes Mass Hallucinations," and served as cover for the events of The Hunter Meteor Storm. There was also a front page column reporting the disappearance of Lucy Ripley. Inside there was an article on the Hunter Meteor Storm.[inconsistent 2]


Methane Leak in Downtown Haven Causes Mass Hallucinations / Local Woman Goes Missing


The "Hunter Meteor Storm" fills Hotel


The "Hunter Meteor Storm" fills Hotel

HAVEN - Dozens gathered at the Twin
Pines Overlook
on Monday night for a[inconsistent 3]
once-in-a-generation chance to see The
Hunter Meteor Storm, which lit up the
night sky for the first time in more than 27

Orion includes the prominent asterism
known as the Belt of Orion: three bright
stars in a row. Surrounding the belt at
roughly similar distances are four bright
stars, which are considered to represent
the outline of the hunter's body. Descen-
ding from the 'belt' is a smaller line of three
stars (the middle of which is in fact not a
star but the Orion Nebula), known as the
hunter's 'sword'.

In artistic renderings, the surrounding con-
stellations are sometimes related to Orion:
he is depicted standing next to the river
Eridanus with his two hunting dogs Canis
and Canis Minor, fighting Taurus
He is sometimes depicted hunting
Lepus the hare. He also sometimes is
depicted to have a lion's hide in his hand.
There are alternative ways to visualise Or-
ion. From the Southern Hemisphere, Orion
is oriented south-upward, and the belt and
sword are sometimes called the sauce-[note 1]

pan in Australia and New Zealand.
Orion's Belt is called Drie Konings (Three
Kings) or the Drie Susters (Three Sisters)
by Afrikaans speakers in South Africa[2]
and are referred to as les Trois Rois (the
Three Kings) in Daudet's Lettres de Mon
Moulin (1866). The appellation Driekon-
ingen (the Three Kings) is also often found
in 17th- and 18th-century Dutch star charts
and seaman's guides. The same three stars
are known in Spain and Latin America as

The radiant of the Orionids is located be-
tween the constellations Orion and Gemini
(in the south-eastern sky before dawn, as
viewed from mid-northern latitudes. The
most active time of the meteor shower
was stated to be in the early morning of
October 21, 2010 6 a.m. Eastern Standard[inconsistent 3]
Time in the United States or 11 a.m. in the
United Kingdom. Universe Today reported
that the meteor shower arrived at 140,000 miles
(230,000 km) per hour on the morn–
ing of the 21 when showing was predicted
to be at its height, however compared to
previous showers in years past, the trail of
stars appeared narrower without branch-
ing out. Cooke, found that the originating--


  • The bulk of the text from this article was taken directly from Wikipedia–even footnote numbers were left in. From "Orion includes" to "hide in his hands", text is taken, almost word for word, from the Wikipedia article on the Orion constellation.[1] From "-pan" (saucepan) to where the page cuts off, text is taken, almost word for word, from the Wikipedia article on the Orionids.[2] Two sentences of social media response to the 2009 Orionids have been cut, and the date of the meteor shower was changed from 2009 to 2010.
  1. These last three lines are not fully visible, but the partial words, and knowledge of the source text used, enable us to reconstruct them.


  1. The paper says it was released on "Thursday" but the date provided should be a Saturday. Multiple issues of the Herald have this inconsistency.
  2. The article provides a 2010 date for the Hunter Meteor an article from 1983. This is likely a simple production error.
  3. 3.0 3.1 According to this article, the Hunter Meteor Storm was on a Monday. Following the dating of this edition of the Herald, Monday would have been October 18th. But the article also says that the Hunter appeared on October 21st.


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