In the Summer of 1983, the Haven Herald ran an article in Section B12 titled: "Missing Woman's Body Discovered".[1] The article covered the discovery of the body of a young woman who had gone missing on May 23rd, the day after the Colorado Kid died. Her body was found near the Teagues' fishing shack.

After learning that the skinwalker was Arla Cogan, Vince and Dave Teagues went through the Herald archives and found this article. They realized that Arla's Trouble must have been triggered after her husband died, and that she used their fishing cabin to skin her first victim.

The first column describes the events relevant to the episode, but the second column is a description is a plot description of Vanished. The plot description appears to be taken directly from the Wikipedia article on the show.[note 1]

Herald - missing woman's body discovered

Missing Woman's Body Discovered

Missing Woman's Body Discovered

HAVEN - The body of a young woman
was discovered near the Little Bay Road
causeway by a man who was out hunting

The Coroner's report stated that the wom-
an's body was badly scalded, or badly
burned by chemicals. Evidence at the scene
was inconclusive so it was difficult to make
a final judgement as to what caused her in-
juries. The Coroner speculated that after an
autopsy, he may be able to make a more
definite cause of death.

Medical Examiners were unable to confirm
the identity of the young woman. Without––

––offender he liked, because he knew the of-
fender seduced under-aged girls.

What he did not know was that one of these
was his daughter, who may or may not
have been pregnant by him. Her secret
was that she had been having an affair with the

She cut it off after being caught by her , but
was later raped by him she believes she
was poisoned to induce a miscarriage
at the end of the series. The justice is question
is compromised later, overruling the conv-
iction of a academic scholar sentenced to
death for murdering his wife, thus leading
to the translations the conspiracy wanted––


  1. Season 3 started production in April of 2012. The Wikipedia article during this time frame had almost exactly the same language as used in this Herald article, only specific names have been removed.[2]


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