No. IV of the The Haven Herald features in the opening credits. The headline reads: "Ship Breaks Up In Calm Seas". The article starts to describe the Maggie T being splintered apart in the middle of the sea and then uses the text of "Murder? Police Baffled" as filler.

The paper is dated Tuesday, February 18, 1725 and costs "Two Cents".[note 1] The paper contains an ad for Johnston Hardware and an ad for a grocery store name "-uennell's" which is located on Main St.


Ship Breaks Up In Calm Seas


Ship Breaks Up In Calm Seas
All hands were lost with the Maggie

T inexplicably broke apart off the
coast of Haven. Witnesses say the ship
was splintered as through a terrible storm
had battered her, but the sea was calm all

the remainder of text visible is recycled from "Murder? Police Baffled"


  1. Haven is using the Julian calender, which is appropriate for Maine, 1725.

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