Volume 101 of the Haven Herald was released online by Syfy. It covers the events of "Real Estate", attributing the destruction of the Holloway house to local Haven High School students with a copy of The Anarachist's Cookbook. There was also on article on the Herald's costume contest. The deaths Tina Teagarden and her boyfriend Chad are not mentioned, though Teagarden's costume is. Vince Teagues wrote both articles.

3.6 Real Estate


Halloween Prank Leaves Fabled Haven Landmark In Ruins

      What started as a seemingly innocent
Halloween nigh prank turned into a poten-
tially deadly disaster when a group of Haven
High School
teenagers detonated a small
homemade explosive outside the condemned
Holloway house––rumored to be haunted for
decades––on Marsten Road. The small blast
inadvertently triggered a chain of explosions
that left only a pile of rubble where the in-
famous house once stood.

      "When you look at the destruction here
it's easy to see that things could have gone
much, much worse," said Haven Police
Chief Nathan Wuornos. "Thankfully, no one
was hurt, but that's really a miracle consider-
ing the size and force of the explosion. If
anyone had been unlucky enough to be in the
Holloway house, or even nearby, this would
be a very different conversation."

      Investigators at the Holloway house
report that the age, poor condition, and
shoddy installation of the gas lines running
into the home––which has been abandoned
for more than 20 years––may have contrib-
uted to the alarming size of the explosion,
which could be seen from miles away.

      Permits and planning documents from
the time the house was built show that
owner Roland Holloway[note 1]––who teens whi-
per still haunts the halls of his former
home––personally built and installed much
of the infrastructure, and investigators sus-
pect he skirted certain building codes to
save time and money.

      "If the gas lines had been buried at the
appropriate depth, and if Holloway had
properly disposed of hazardous and potentially
combustible building materials stored in his
basement, then this never would have hap-
pened," Wuornos said. "Don't get me wrong,
these kids are in a lot of trouble, but they never
could have made something at home capable
of creating this kind of destruction."

      The teenagers, whose names are being
withheld pending further investigation into the
alleged crime, reportedly said they learned to
build the small explosive in a copy of The An-
archist Cookbook
they found online. Made
from readily accessible household items––such
as match heads and orange juice concentrate
–– the bomb was supposed to produce a blast
comparable to a consumer-grade firecracker.

— by Vince Teagues, Herald Staff Writer

Local Psychiatrist
Takes Home Top
Honors In The Haven
Herald's Halloween
Costume Contest

      This year's Golden Ghost for Best Halloween Cos-
tume went to local psychiatrist Claire Callahan for her
Buffy the Vampire Slayer-inspired cheerleader costume,
complete with a wooden stake for slaying undead deni-

      Despite stiff competition from several Haven
residents––including Dwight Hendrickson's gunslinger[note 1]
outfit and Tina Teagarden's[note 2] decidedly adult spin on the
Little Bo Peep nursery thyme––Callahan was awarded
high marks in the categories of originality and execution.
Several judges said they were at first surprised, then
quite pleased, to learn that Callahan wasn't just a cheer-

      "I don't understand what's so hard to get," Callahan
said during her acceptance speech. "I have a stake––a
big wooden stake. I'm not going to be pitching any tents
in this getup, so this stake would only be for one thing-
slaying vampires. Doesn't anyone here watch TV? Next
year I'm just going to dress as Jessica Fletcher and save
myself the trouble of having to explain it."

      The editors of The Haven Herald would like to point
out that, as hosts of the annual Horrific Haunted Hallow-
een Hangout, neither Vince nor Dave Teagues were eli-
gible to win the Golden Ghost––though several attend-
ees said their costumes were exceptional.

— by Vince Teagues


  1. 1.0 1.1 Roland Holloway gets his name from Roland Deschain, the protagonist of Stephen King's The Dark Tower series. This episode has another allusion to Roland Deschain in Dwight Henderickson's outfit. Henderickson is dressed like Deschain, the gunslinger.
  2. Teagarden's name comes from Aurora Teagarden the protagonist of one of Charlaine Harris's mystery series. Harris is best known for writing The Southern Vampire Mysteries series, also known as the The Sookie Stackhouse Novels.


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