Volume 102 of the Haven Herald was released online by Syfy. It covers the events of "Magic Hour: Part 1", attributing the Rica Hamilton's very public waking up at the morgue to a rare South American sleeping sickness. Dr. Rudy Lucassi and Dan Hamilton are both quoted in the article. There was also on article on local Haven events. Vince Teagues wrote both articles.

Although "Magic Hour: Part 2" takes place on the same day as "Magic Hour: Part 1", they are covered in separate editions of the Herald.

3.7 Magic Hour - Part 1


Mysterious Sleeping Sickness Leaves Area Doctors Baffled

      A local resident, Rica Hamilton, was ad-
mitted to the Haven Regional Hospital last
week, and was pronounced dead on arrival
by attending physicians, but only a few
hours later she suddenly made a miraculous
recovery and walked out of the hospital un-
assisted the following day.

      "I've never seen anything like it," said
Dr. Rudy Lucassi, one of the physicians on
Hamilton's medical team. "We checked all
of her vitals—looking for neurological ac-
tivity, pulse, respiration—and they all came
back negative. One minute she was clini-
cally dead, and the next she was jumping off
the exam table. Ti's the craziest thing I've
ever seen... And I've seen some crazy

      At first baffled by the strange events,
doctors ran more tests and soon determined
that Rica had contracted a rare parasitic dis-
ease most often found in South America. In
most cases, if left untreated the disease
eventually works its way through the
blood-brain barrier where it affects neuro-
logical processes, leading to symptoms such
as a disrupted sleep cycle, irregular heart-
beat and a deep comatose state.

      "Mrs. Hamilton's case is very unique,
and she is a very lucky woman." Lucassi
said. "It appeared to us that three of her pri-
ary systems completely shut down. The
respiratory, nervous and circulatory systems
had all been slowed to the point where even
we, as medical professionals, couldn't
detect those telltale signs of life. She was
literally on death's door, but then her body's
defense just won out, and now she's made a
complete recovery.

      "I just hope this is an isolated case. It my
heart has to take another scare like that—seeing
her jump up when we all thought she was
gone—then I might be the next one on the au-
topsy table."

      Based on a battery of tests run after her re-
covery, Rica appears to have made a complete
recovery, so doctors have released her into the
care of her husband, Dan Hamilton. Tests also
indicate that the disease is not contagious.

      "Whatever it was, whatever weird South
American sleeping sickness, I don't really
care—I'm just happy to have my wife back,"
Dan said. "You can call it what you want, I'm
just going to call it a miracle.

— by Vince Teagues, Herald Staff Writer

Haven Happenings[note 1]
Your Guide For What Not
To Miss In Our Little Town

      This Saturday at 10 p.m., local punk rockers The

Losers' Club[note 2] will take the stage at The Shop for a one-
night-only performance they are predicting will "prob-
ably start on time." The Losers' Club is famous—or infa
mous, depending on your position—for their performance
at The Haven Yacht Club last summer, were they per-
formed so loudly they reportedly unmoored the club
owner's flagship vessel and scared all fishing five miles
farther out to sea.

      This coming Sunday, East Haven High School senior
Bridgette Brown will be officially crowned as this year's
Haven Lobster Queen at Dockside Green Park for her out-
standing scholarly accomplishments, and service to the
community, including establishing a local food bank and
working with local businesses to create wireless Internet
"hot spots" around downtown Haven.

      A horde of goblins, ghouls and all manner of wizardly
warriors descend on Trapingus Cove this weekend, which
has been selected to host the first ever Havenaria LARP-
ers Convention. For those unschooled in the mystical arts,
LARPing (an acronym for Live Action Role-Playing) is a
game in which participants—often dressed as mythical
creatures or fabled warriors—act out the actions of their
characters on a battlefield using foam weapons and bags
of birdseed to represent spells. So, if you're out camping
in Trapingus Cover this weekend, don't be alarmed if you
see orcs running through the woods or warriors rising
from the dead—it's all part of the fun!

— by Vince Teagues


  1. This is likely a references to Haven Happenings, a large Haven fan site, online at and @HavenHappenings.
  2. The Losers' Club comes from Stephen King's It.


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