Volume 102 of the Haven Herald was released online by Syfy. It covers the events of "Magic Hour: Part 2", and covers up the shoot-out with the Bolt-Gun Killer, attributing the boat explosion to improperly stored gas canisters. HPD Chief Nathan Wuornos is quoted in the article. There was also on article on the Parade of Ships, which had to be re-routed due to the ongoing investigation. Vince Teagues wrote both articles.

Although "Magic Hour: Part 2" takes place on the same day as "Magic Hour: Part 1", they are covered in separate editions of the Herald.

3.8 Magic Hour - Part 2


Driver Remains Missing After Stolen Boat
Explodes in Haven Harbor

      The operator of a consumer-class speed-
boat that exploded in a small cover off the
Haven Harbor remains missing, and police
fear that with each passing day the chances
of finding the missing person—or recover-
ing a body—diminish.

      At this point, we have found no signs of
a body in the wreckage of the destroyed ve-
hicle," said Haven Police Chief Nathan
. "Our sweeps of the bottom of
Haven Harbor have also turned up nothing.
With shifting currents and boat traffic, the
more time that passes, the harder the search
becomes. But based on our investigation, the
unknown driver of the boat was alone in the
vehicle, so we believe we are only looking
for a single person's remains."

      The explosion—which police believe
was caused by the discharge of built up
static electricity surrounding improperly
secured gas canisters—completely de-
stroyed the speedboat, which was cruising
just yards away from the coastline. Pieces
of the boat—which was reported stoled ear-
lier this week—were found in yards and
washed up on beaches around the cove,
making a thorough forensic investigation
exceedingly difficult.

      "Our investigation has yet to identity a
suspect in the theft of the boat, who we
assume was the sole passenger on the ve-
hicle when it exploded," Wuornos said.
"Our operating theory right now is that the
suspect stole the speedboat and then went
for a joyride around Haven Harbor. Unfor-
tunately, the suspect was unfamiliar with
proper water vehicle operations and made
some very dangerous and reckless mistakes
that caused an explosion in the cargo hold of
the board that spread to the gas tank.

      "Let this be a lesson to everyone in
Haven—just because you live near the water
doesn't mean you know what you're doing on a
boat. There is a very specific set of rules and
safety regulations that are in place for a reason.
Don't be foolish, and always wear a life pre-
server. We were just lucky no one else was hurt
in this terrible accident."

      Boat safety and best practices courses are
sponsored by the Haven Yacht Club and taught
the first and third Sundays of each month by
resident boating expert Jimmy Grogan.[note 1]

      Haven police investigators plan to continue
the search fora body for the next 72 hours, at
which point—if no body has been found—the
unidentified suspect will be listed as lots at sea.
Anyone with information about the accident
should contact the Haven Police Department at

— by Vince Teagues

Haven Parade of
Ships to Continue
Mostly as

Despite the ongoing search for a missing person lost in
the explosion of a speedboat earlier this week, the presi-
dent of the Haven Yacht Club says that the annual Parade
of Ships will still proceed as scheduled, though with a
few minor adjustments.

      "Out of respect for the tragic accident this week and
the sailor who remains lost at sea, we will be following a
slightly different route for this year's Parade of Ships,"
said the Haven Yacht Club in a press release. "To avoid
interfering with the ongoing police search, we will be re-
routing the parade around certain covers off of Haven

      "However, fans of the parade will be happy to known
we'll still be passing by Haven's cherished seaside land-
marks, including Kick'em Jenny Neck, Sixteen Pools,
and the Twin Pines Overlook."

      Parade onlookers plan to gather in mass at the famed
Colorado Kid Beach—the site of Haven's most-storied
unsolved mystery—which they believe is the best loca-
tion in all of Haven for cheering on the parade as it
passes by.

— by Vince Teagues


  1. Jimmy Grogan may be named after Veronica Grogan, a character in Stephen King's It.


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