Volume 104 of the Haven Herald was released online by Syfy. It covers the events of "Sarah", and covers up the alternate universe created by Stuart Mosley's Trouble. There was also on article on the Haven Shore Club's 1950s Theme Part.[note 1] Vince Teagues wrote both articles.

3.9 Sarah


Small Methane Leak Causes
Hallucinations, False Memories

      A small leak of methane gas, discovered

by The Haven Municipal Works Department
to be emanating from the sewers in down-
town Haven, could be the cause of visual and
auditory  hallucinations leading to false
memories and loss of tie reported by mul-
tiple residents visiting the downtown area
earlier this week.

      "We urge all residents to remain
calm—a leak of this size presents no real or
long-term risks to anyone that may have in-
haled air affected by the ethane fumes,"
read a press release issued by the Haven Mu-
nicipal Works Department.

      "The leak constituted an increase in
methane presence in the air of only a few
parts per million, so the effects—while dra-
matic and potentially frightening—are
short-lived and ultimately harmless."

      According to sources, the effects of
methane gas—even in small doses—can
vary wildly from person-to-person, and
often express themselves in ways that play
upon a victim's pre-existing paranoia.

      "Methane is a very complicated and
versatile compound—but to those that
aren't familiar with it, it can seem down-
right malicious," said East Haven High
chemistry teacher, Richard Patter-
son. "Methane, particularly when interact-
ing with other common elements such as
carbon monoxide, can cause some truly
powerful hallucinations, and its effects on
the human brain can be compounded in a
group setting. One person thinks they see
resurrected cop or a werewolf, and all of a
sudden everyone is running for the hills
from some inevitable monster."

      "These hallucinations can spread
through the power of suggestion, sort of like
the idea of violence in a mob mentality.
They are so powerful, that people will even
insist on the reality of these vague, false
memories long after they have been dis-

      Among other strange hallucinations
residents reported seeing self-appointed
armed militia patrolling Haven, former
Haven Police Chief Garland Wuornos with
a goatee, and even the famed Haven Herald
storefront transformed into a comic book

      No injuries were reported, but any resi-
dents feeling any lasting effects from the
minor methane leak are encouraged to visit
the Haven Regional Hospital for an com-
plete examination, compliments of Haven
Municipal Works.

— by Vince Teagues

Haven Shore Club
Celebrating Its Past
With a
1950s Themed Party

      One of Haven's most storied landmarks will be cel-
ebrating the decades of history that have made it such a
cherished historical site with a 1950s there party-
complete with period garb, live bad, and a vintage car

      "The '50s were such a special time in American his-
tory," said Meredith Walker, even organizer and spokes-
person for the Haven Historical Society. "It was a decade
filled with hope, with accomplishment, with the belief
that we as a country could achieve anything. It's the
decade that birthed the American Dream—and we're
bringing that spirit back to Haven."

      To keep the event feeling as authentic as possible,
tickets will not be available online, and will only be sold
at the Haven Shore Club box office. Additionally, all flat
screen TV's will be removed, no smart phones or modern
garb will be permitted, and the entire bar is being re-
dressed to match the fashion of the times.

      Partygoers will also be pleased to know that all
drinks and food will be sold at 1950s prices, but the
Haven Shore Club will still accept currency printed after

— by Vince Teagues


  1. This could be additional cover-up or just clever lampshading.


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