Volume 48, Issue Number 18 of the Haven Herald features in the opening credits. The headline reads: "Murder? Police Baffled". The article describes the unusual deaths of two local men, who have apparently been the victims of unusual animal attacks. HPD Chief Wuornos has announced a $10,000 bounty for the capture or killing of the wolf and the Haven Hunt Club has organized a hunting party.[inconsistent 1]

The text of this article is used as filler for other Haven Herald mock-ups including "Ship Breaks Up In Calm Seas" and "Who Killed The Colorado Kid?".

The paper is dated Thursday, October 13, 1956 and cost 10 cents.[inconsistent 2] A year's subscription cost $3.50 and a 6 month subscription cost $2.

Haven Herald October 13 1956

Murder? Police Baffled


Murder? Police Baffled

HAVEN — Following the suspicious deaths of

T.R.Holt and Brad Donnelly, Chief Wuornos
has announced a $10,000 bounty for the
capture of the wolf thought to be responsible.

The bounty will be honored "Dead or Alive",
the Chief said.

Residents were alarmed to hear the
horrific death of these prominent individuals
could possibly be the result of a wolf attack.
Executive director of the Haven Hunt Club
told the Haven Herald that a hunting party
will be organized tomorrow morning at dawn.
The area being initially searched is about 5
miles northwest of Haven.

Suzanna Donnelly, recent widow to one of
the victims refused to make a statement, but
urged residents not to jump to conclusions
when going after this animal. He husband
had been a good man but she says' she's had
it with this town. She plans to return to her
hometown in Tallahassee and get on with her

"The whole thing is surreal. It's a shock to
this small community." she said. Police
assured resident they had nothing to fear.
"We believe we'll get to the bottom of this
very soon." The Chief said.

Residents are urged to call Haven Police or
their local Maine State National Resources
Officer if they see a wolf in their area. Police
recommend not approaching the animal as it may


  1. The article describes the plot of "Fur". T. R. Holt and Brad Donnelly are both victims of animal attacks and Suzanna Donnelly plans to return home to Tallahassee.
  2. The paper says it was released on Thursday but the date provided should be a Saturday. Multiple issues of the Herald have this inconsistency.

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