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Haven Police Department
The Haven Police Department is the local law enforcement division of Haven, Maine.

Garland Wuornos was the Chief of Police for Haven until his death in August of 2010.[1] Wuornos was Chief when FBI Special Agent Audrey Parker arrived in Haven, and he created a liaison position for her so that she could work alongside Detective Nathan Wuornos investigating and helping the Troubled people of Haven.[2] After her resignation from the FBI, Chief Wuornos hired Parker as a detective.[3] Chief Wuornos was not the first loss that the Haven PD suffered in 2010. In 2010, Medical Examiner Eleanor Carr died.[4] Her daughter Julia briefly took on her responsibilities as ME[5] before leaving Haven[6] to return to her work with Doctors Without Borders in Darfur, Africa.[4] When both Carrs left, a man named Horace became the new ME.[7]

Chief Wournos had kept a "hot stove" box during his tenure as Chief, providing a place for Haven citizens to leave him messages and ask for meetings for assistance with the Troubles.[8] After Chief Wuornos' death, his son Nathan was made Interim Chief[6] and he decided to get rid of the "hot stove" until it proved too useful to get rid of.[8] Wuornos is removed from his position as Interim Chief after it was discovered that he had been keeping two sets of files, one with details about the Troubles and one without.[9] He is briefly replaced by Merrill, who's firmly under the control of Reverend Driscoll.[10]

When Nikki Coleman's Trouble activated, killing Officer Paul Stark, Merrill put the station under a lockdown, refusing to let anyone leave or enter the police station. He co-ordinated with Reverend Driscoll who sent his men to the station to guard it, with orders to shoot anyone who attempted to leave. Merrill was killed during the lockdown, before Parker was able to figure out who was at the center of the Trouble and help her.[10] Wuornos resumed his position as Chief of Police following Merrill's death.[11]

In late 2010, Claire Callahan a psychiatrist who specialized in helping Troubled people began working closely with Parker and Wuornos to catch the Bolt-Gun Killer.[12] Around this time, Dr. Rudy Lucassi, who had been previously been consulting with the HPD[13] become the new full-time medical examiner and Boston detective Tommy Bowen came to Haven in search of the serial killer who murdered his trainee.[14] Chief Wuornos offered Bowen a place in the Haven PD, but he declined. That evening, Tommy Bowen was murdered by the Bolt-Gun Killer who took on Bowen's form and joined the Haven PD, pretending to be Bowen.[15][16]Later, Callahan was murdered by the Bolt-Gun Killer who again, took her form.[16]

After the destruction of The Barn, Wuornos resigned his post and left town to hide from The Guard, who him dead due to his shooting Agent Howard which caused the 27-year cycle to be disrupted.[17][18] In his absence, Vince and Dave Teagues convinced the selectmen to appoint Dwight Hendrickson, who had previously worked as the town Cleaner[19] for both Chief Wuornoses. Upon Wuornos' return to Haven, Hendrickson offered him back his job as Detective after convincing the Guard he'll keep an eye on Wuornos if he was on the team. But Wournos says its temporary until he finds Audrey[18]

When Parker escaped from The Barn, she pretended to be Lexie DeWitt, the faux identity The Barn had given her, in order to save Wuornos' life.[20] Her unusual appearance and apparent lack of memory were explained to her colleagues as amnesia.[21]

In 2011, Medical Examiner Rudy Lucassi "cracked up" and left town, taking his neighbor's cats with him.[22] Gloria a retired ME who had previously worked for the HPD during Garland Wuornos' tenure returned to the job. She took on Vickie as an intern, with the intent to turn the position over to her as soon as she had enough training.[22]

The e-mail address for the Haven Police Department is[23] The Haven PD sends its forensic work to be processed by a lab in Bangor, Maine.[2]

Employees of the HPDEdit

Current - ordered by first appearance as a Haven PD employeeEdit

Former -ordered by most recent departure from the Haven PDEdit


  • Great War Memorial
  • Lunenburg Town Hall
Exterior shots of the Haven Police Department are filmed at the Lunenburg Town Hall at 119 Cumberland Street, next to the Great War Memorial.


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