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Haven Storyline
Haven is a supernatural drama series loosely based on the Stephen King novel The Colorado Kid.

Shrewd and confident FBI agent Audrey Parker (Emily Rose) has a lost past when she arrives in the small town of Haven, Maine on a routine case. Before long, her natural curiosity leads her to the center of activity in this curious enclave, which turns out to be a longtime refuge for people who are affected by a range of supernatural afflictions. Along the way she meets Nathan Wuornos, a cop who can't feel anything, and Duke Crocker, a local smuggler.

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Haven 521
Close to Home
Nathan encounters an old adversary in the Void. Audrey and Duke deal with a revenge plot. Dwight and Vince struggle to free Dave from Croatoan's grip.

Haven 522
A Matter of Time
November 26, 2015
Audrey and Duke try to save Nathan from the Void. Dave struggles to free himself from Croatoan's deadly grasp
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Featured Character
Jordan McKee

Jordan McKee was troubled individual working as a waitress in a diner. She is also closely involved with the Guard. She is constantly seen wearing gloves due to her trouble being able to cause intense pain upon touch. Jordan soon becomes Nathan's contact in the guard unknowingly, during his investigation of the Bolt Gun Killer. Soon Nathan and Jordan become romantically involved.

Featured Video
SyFy NL - Pre-Season 5B Haven Refresh04:09

SyFy NL - Pre-Season 5B Haven Refresh

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Featured Images
  • Audrey and Nathan Working together
  • Audrey Meets Duke
  • Nathan Discovers that he can feel Audrey's touch
  • Ed Driscoll reveals his plan to Nathan
  • Audrey and Nathan meet the other Audrey
  • Other Audrey loses her memory.
  • Duke discovers he is also 'troubled'
  • Audrey kisses Nathan
  • Christmas in Haven in July
  • Audrey Kidnapped
  • Discoveries About The Colorado Kid
  • Audrey and Duke Get Close in Colorado
  • Audrey and Nathan watch The Bolt Gun Killer escape
  • Nathan and Audrey's final goodbye
  • Duke is released from barn into aquarium
  • Meet Lexie DeWitt
  • Nathan Meets Lexie
  • Duke figures out that Audrey is actually Lexie
  • Nathan reunited with Audrey
  • Audrey finds herself in a different Haven
  • William telling Audrey to trouble someone
  • Mara emerges
  • Nathan trying to find Audrey in Mara
  • Audrey is released

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