Season 5
Ability Bullet Magnet
Occupation None
First Appearance The Widening Gyre
Last Appearance Forever
Relationships Dwight Hendrickson (father)
Appeared In 3 episodes + 2 Webisodes
Status Alive
Actor Olivia Woods (Web Series)
Gabrielle Trudel
Elizabeth 'Lizzie' Hendrickson is the daughter of Dwight Hendrickson and a resident of Haven, Maine.


Lizzie made her debut at the end of "The Widening Gyre" after her father arrived at the location where Croatoan has Audrey after receiving the address from Vince. He navigates around the house, looking for Audrey, until he enters the bedroom where Lizzie is shown sitting on the bed. She turns around which shocks Dwight who he thought Lizzie was dead and has a reunion with her.


Escape to HavenEdit

  • " The Father"

Season TwoEdit


Season FiveEdit


Elizabeth shares her name with an American actress who played identical twins Frankie and Maggie Stone on All My Children.

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