You may be looking for the original Lucy Ripley.
Lucy Ripley
Season 3, 5
Ability Immune to troubles
Occupation Helping the Troubled
First Appearance Over My Head
Last Appearance Just Passing Through
Relationships Garland Wuornos (friend)†
James Cogan (son)
Mara (original identity)†
Sarah Vernon (previous identity)
Audrey Parker(next identity)
Appeared In 3 Episodes
Status Alive
Actor Emily Rose

Lucy Ripley was the name and identity adopted by Mara in 1983. She is the next reincarnation after Sarah Vernon and the most recent reincarnation prior to Audrey Parker.


Lucy came to Haven in 1983 for reasons unknown, presumably by a random event just like Sarah before her and Audrey after her. She can be distinguished by her shoulder-length brown hair and a locket she wore with her initials L.R. carved in it.

When she came to Haven, she had the memories of the real Lucy Ripley. In the course of time she found out about this and went to pay the woman a visit. They met and talked about their secret. They agreed that the real Lucy would only talk about this with whoever Lucy would become next. After Lucy left, a man (Simon Crocker) came to speak with the real Lucy.

Sometime during her stay in Haven, she met James Cogan, aka The Colorado Kid. It is unclear if she found out or was told that he was her son, but the two seemed close, and helped each other on at least one case. James however, is later found dead on the beach, with Lucy present at the scene, and said to have cried for the first time.

She also had known Duke when he was only 8 years old. He stands beside her on the photo of the Colorado Kid and she someday gave him her locket. Duke can´t remember anything from this time.


Also during her stay she encountered James Garrick, a Troubled man who moves so fast it makes him invisible and can't touch anything. During one of his "seizures" he broke some glass that cut her on her foot. Audrey has the same scar as Lucy has.

"Real Estate"Edit


Lucy Ripley

Through flashbacks, she is shown working with James Cogan to help the Holloway family. However, she comes too late to save the wife and the daughters who are left alone and killed after the father is presumed missing. What really happened was that he became one with the house. He left a note saying "This is all your fault", blaming Lucy for the death of his wife and daughters. She eventually traps him in the house and she escapes so he can't hurt someone else, or so she thought.


When it was time for her to go by the use of The Barn, she refused to go, forcing her to flee. She almost made it out of Haven but somehow The Guard caught her, and forced her into The Barn. This caused the Troubles to stop and make The Barn with Lucy inside disappear.

"Morbidity" Edit

She had helped a girl with her dancing bear trouble that was connected with the loss of her father.


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