Mary Collins
Mary Collins
Season 2
Ability None
Appearance The Tides That Bind
Status Alive
Actor Joanne Boland
Mary Collins is the ex-wife of Leith Glendower, the former daughter-in-law of Gwen and Cole Glendower, and the mother of Daniel Glendower. She is a resident of Haven, Maine, and a volunteer at The Good Shepherd Church's soup kitchen, as well as a parishioner of Reverend Ed Driscoll's.


Mary's son, Daniel, was visiting the Glendower compound when her ex-husband died. After his death was reported, the Glendowers refused to return Daniel to her. She took Daniel and kidnapped several of his young cousins from the Glendowers. She believed the boys could be cured of their affliction, but that if they couldn't, it was better they be dead than cursed. Ultimately Ed Driscoll was able to convince her to return the boys for their own safety


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