Mike Gallagher
Mike Gallagher
Season 4
Ability Blood that kills through exsanguination, going after the person he hates the most.
Appearance Bad Blood
Status Alive
Actor Tony Nappo
Mike Gallagher is a janitor at the Haven Police Department and a member of The Guard. Once triggered, any blood of his that spills becomes a sentient creature, attacking and killing through exsanguination. This disembodied blood goes after the person that Gallagher hates the most, killing anyone and anything that gets in his way.


When Gallagher was young, his grandfather warned him about his Trouble and what could happen if his blood spilled. Though he considered these stories legends, Gallagher still took precautions against this happening. When he arrived in Haven, he joined the Guard. After the Hunter Meteor Storm destroyed his house, he and his wife packed up and moved into an abandoned area of East Haven, fixing up an old cabin. He cut off contact with the Guard at this point, as they thought they could no longer help him. Gallagher's wife, Charlotte had survived a battle with cancer, but after the meteor storm, her cancer came back and she died roughly six months later. Her death was the catalyst that triggered his Trouble, and a week after she died, a drop of blood from a cut on his finger fell down the kitchen drain. This drop turned into a sentient monster, killing Haven residents as it headed into downtown Haven looking for Nathan Wuornos. Though Gallagher was aware that he was very angry at Wuornos, he was unaware that he hated him to that extent and was surprised when his Trouble targeted him.


"Bad Blood"

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