They Freddy

The Murray Q. Frederikson Pyschiatric Facility is a mental-health hospital located in Haven, Maine. The Facility is named after a local man, and is refered to by locals as "the Freddy."

Patients of the Facility have included Lilly McBreen, Howard Sperry, and William. Employees of the Freddy have included Dr. Lucassi, Gail Doty, and an orderly named Morgan.

Graffiti on the Freddy's sign reads "Come for the food. Stay for the drugs!"

Event InformationEdit

In Harmony, when Ray McBreen began playing the piano, the patients gained sanity while the workers became insane. Nathan and Audrey came to help restrain the insane doctor. Once the situation is under control, the employees affects become sane while the mentally unstable turn to that state. When Dr. Lucassi becomes mentally unstable again, he drags Ray back to the Freddy to examine his brain.

In The Old Switcheroo: Part 1 Dwight and Gloria are called to the Facility to look at the bodies of a patient and a nurse who both died of strangulation. On the tape is looks like the nurse strangled the patient until the victim died and the nurse died of the same fate. Nathan brings Mara along to the Freddy to help on the case.


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