Nathan's Truck

The truck driven by Nathan Wuornos is a blue 1979 Ford Bronco with the license plate number 7988QC. Audrey Parker and Nathan often ride in it together, even though Audrey has her own car.


When Nathan was 19, he bought this truck, and has had it ever since. He tells this story to Audrey Parker when she asks about the truck. Inside the car, it has police lights which are used in emergencies. So unlike other officers who use police cars, Nathan uses his truck 24/7. In Harmony, its how they find Nathan when he goes temporarily insane. In Speak No Evil, Nathan puts Mara in the trunk, and then discovers Audrey is still inside Mara.


According to sources, on the last day of filming, the car died and Lucas Byrant was unable to keep it. However, a commentary posted on during season 2 had already mentioned that Nathan's Bronco was dead. They stated that henceforth it was going to be towed to all future shots, because it could not be repaired and a replacement could not be found.


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