Season 5
Ability Immune to Troubles, Modify/Create Troubles
Long Lifespan
Appearance Forever
Status Alive
Actor Emily Rose

Paige is the last and most recent incarnation of Mara and the next incarnation after Audrey Parker. She appears after the final disappearance of the Troubles within Haven. She appears to be a single mother of infant James Cogan and meets police officer Nathan Wuornos.

History Edit

After disappearing for the final time within the new reformed Barn with her father and Vince. A month had passed in Haven, Audrey returned the only way she could at the time, with a new identity. As that is how the barn was still set to work. Knowing that her and Nathan would once again fall in love but without the Troubles. Therefore, Audrey was given the identity of single mother Paige who arrives in Haven with their reborn infant son James Cogan (Wuornos).

Paige is seen to have broken down inside the boundary of Haven where she is found by Nathan Wuornos. He instantly recognizes her as Audrey saying, "Parker?" To which she responds, “Oh, I, did. Actually, I didn’t park her as much as I broke her! I'm broke down Paige." She asks him for help due to her son James needing to eat soon. James who was very fussy, seemed to calm down when he looks as Nathan, implying their connection. Nathan decided to help to restart her car but unfortunately failed. Paige decided to give up on the car and getting out slammed the door on Nathan's fingers which caused the feeling of pain, very similar to his first meeting with Audrey in "Welcome to Haven".

Shocked by hurting Nathan she asked him if wanted her to take him to the hospital but Nathan said he didn't need hospital treatment. To this Paige suggested that she take Nathan to breakfast. She then asked if he liked pancakes, to which he replied that he loves pancakes. They share a lingering look then together in Nathan's truck, drive back into Haven.

The song, "Love Will Keep Us Together," playing over the car radio signals back to Audrey hearing it when she first wakes up as, "Audrey" in the barn. It was also playing over her car radio in her very first meeting with Nathan, which mirrors how she meets him as Paige. Bringing everything full circle.

Trivia Edit

  • According to Vince, who lives within the Barn with Croatoan, Audrey had decided to return to Haven the only way she believed she could per how the barn worked; with another identity. Knowing that she and Nathan would fall in love all over again.
  • Brian Millikin one of the writers of Haven, in response to Twitter questions Tweeted that had the show gotten a 6th Season of the 'main/chief' components 'would have been/be'; 'picking up the story' a bit down the road with 'Paige starting to remember' her time as Audrey.
  • Thus after an unspecified duration, Audrey would re-appear once again. This would in part, be related to what Vince and Croatoan could do with the barn and also have unspecified 'complications'.
  • Further more, they would have explained just how James was able to come back as a baby. This too would have an unspecified, 'price'.
  • Paige seems to have a very similar dark brunette hair color like Charlotte and Lucy.

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