Haven 519
Season 5
Episode 19
Premiere date November 5, 2015
Written by Gabrielle Stanton & Adam Higgs
Directed by Lee Rose
Previous episode Wild Card
Next episode Just Passing Through
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"Perditus" is the 71st episode of Haven and the nineteenth episode of season 5.

Synopsis Edit

Nathan receives otherworldly aid as he tracks down a killer. Duke has a terrifying vision of Haven's future.

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  • Unknown Actor as the voice of Croatoan

Featured musicEdit

  • "Be The Song" by Foy Vance


  • Nathan: Is he gonna be ok?
    Audrey: He's taking it hard. He's blaming himself.
    Nathan: And you?
    Audrey: Me? My recently ressurected interdimensional mother has partial amnesia and ran away. I'm fine.
  • Vince: [navigating with the tracker] Uh-huh. We've got the bread crumbs. They should lead us right through Charlotte's schoolbag.
    Dave: And her killer.
    Vince: Cold feet? What happened to the liquid courage?
    Dave: Should have brought some.
    Vince: Go back Dave let me do this.
    Dave: This is my fight more than anyone's. Besides, when we do find him, can't let you hog the spotlight.
    Vince: Perish the thought. All right. Together then, [both men shake hands] until the end of all things. Hmm?
  • Duke: Vince? Is that you youngster?
    Vince: Duke Crocker? How?
    Duke: Well, you know I guess I just got homesick.
    Vince: [turns his seat around.] Not much of a home to return to I'm afraid. Croatoan won.
    Duke: Okay, seriously, can somebody please just tell me who that is?
    Vince: It doesen't matter. Nothing does. That game was played and lost. Lost when Nathan went into the void, he never came out. And nothing's been the same since.
    Duke: Vince I need you to tell me everything that happened after I left. Why did Nathan go into the void? [man screams]
    Vince: It's too late. Croatoan's here.
    Duke: So what the hell are we gonna do?
    Vince: The only thing we can do... die.
    Duke: Oh screw that.
  • Charlotte: So you wanna build a barn?
  • Clone Duke: You are the fulcrum Duke. You'll either save your friends or kill them all. [The dream quickly cuts to Duke waking and noticing Seth standing in front of him]
    Seth: You okay? You were mumbling in your sleep.
    Duke: I was?
    Seth: Yeah sounded like a bad nightmare or something. Frankly, I suspect it was the tacos then...
    Duke: Oh, I wish it was.
  • Seth: What are you doing? Did you steal that car? Why are you stealing that car?
    Duke: Cause I'm going back to Haven.
    Seth: And the van doesn't go in that direction because.
    Duke: 'Cause I'm going alone.
    Seth: Oh come on man. You know I could just follow you there except the second drive away...
    Duke: You forget all about me and the troubles and Haven and you'll live a full and happy life Seth.
    Seth: Come on Duke don't do this. [Duke starts the engine] Duke. [hesitantly pauses] Okay. [They give each other one last fist pump before going their seperate ways]
  • Dave: Why aren't we waiting for reinforcements? [Vince follows the location where the tracker is beeping. They look underneath the desk, only to discover Charlotte's CDC bag.] What?
    Vince: If Croatoan took her bag, why did he put it here.
    Audrey: Because Croatoan didn't take the bag. [The Teagues turn around and realized that Audrey, Nathan and Dwight overheard everyththing.] Dave did. Dave killed Charlotte.

Notes Edit

  • "Perditus" and "Wild Card" both took place on the same day.
  • Perditus is latin for lost.[1]

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