Justine (2)
Season 4, 5
Ability Unknown
Occupation Waitress (The Grey Gull)
First Appearance Survivors
Last Appearance Forever
Relationships The Guard (member)
Duke Crocker (employer)
Jennifer Mason (acquaintance)
Mitchell (friend)
Appeared In 9 uncredited
Status Alive
Actor Justine Hyslop

Riley is a member of the Guard.


Riley is a member of the Guard who's trouble is unknown. She is employed by Duke Crocker as a waitress at The Grey Gull in Haven

Season FourEdit

Justine jennifer

In "Survivors", Riley is seen serving drinks at The Grey Gull and is later seen in "Bad Blood" talking with Jennifer Mason while working.

Season FiveEdit

In "Spotlight" she is seen with other members of the guard while looking for Nathan and Mara. Riley is later seen in "Nowhere Man" when she hits Audrey Parker over the head with a baseball bat thinking she is Mara, she is present while Audrey is being held by Mitchell. In "Blind Spot" she helps to prepare the police station against Croatoan.


Season 4Edit

Season 5Edit


  • The characters name was revealed by the actress through Twitter.
  • It is possible that she filled the void that Jordan's death left in the Guard after she went 'missing'.

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