Roy Crocker
Roy Crocker
Season 3
Ability Crocker Family Trouble
Appearance Sarah
Status Deceased (shot and killed by Sarah Vernon)
Actor Vincent Montuel

Roy "Junior" Crocker (b. 1920; d. 16 Aug 1955) was the father of Simon Crocker, the grandfather of Wade and Duke Crocker, the great-grandfather of Jean Mitchell, and a resident of Haven, Maine. Roy was killed by Sarah Vernon.

He worked as a bartender at the Haven Shore Club. Based on his nickname, it is likely that his father was named Roy Crocker, Sr.


In Sarah, he is working as a bartender at what would be eventually become the Grey Gull. Duke Crocker walks in who trades him a golden doubloon for all the money in his pocket. A fight breaks out in his bar and he is nearly killed when Duke Crocker saves him. In return, Roy bails Duke out of jail.

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