Stan The Cop


Season 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Ability None
Occupation Police
First Appearance Ain't No Sunshine
Last Appearance Forever
Relationships {{{Relationships}}}
Appeared In 23 episodes
Status Alive
Actor Glenn Lefchak

Stanley is an officer of the Haven Police Department, and a resident of Haven, Maine.


He was one of the officers on scene when the body of Bill Rand was found.

He was also one of the officers who responded to Nathan Wuornos's call for assistance with a car crash at the intersection of McCausland and Poplar in October of 2010, and escorted a woman claiming to be Audrey Parker back to the Haven Police Department.

He later compiled a list of Haven's genealogies for Audrey. After the death of Richard Brody, Stan was assigned to monitor Chris Brody when Audrey brought him in for questioning.

When the Haven Police Department was locked down in September of 2010, Stan checked a package into the evidence locker for Audrey, not knowing that the package contained a handgun that Parker intended to secretly keep out of the Chief's possession.


Season 1Edit

Season 2Edit

Season 3Edit

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Season 5Edit

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