The Darkside Seekers is a paranormal investigation series hosted by Seth Byrne along with cameraman Anderson Harris. The videos was posted online and included on the Season 4 DVD / Blu-ray releases.

Roughly three months before traveling to Haven, Maine, Byrne and Harris hacked into the Haven Herald database. They also hijacking the Twitter account of Vince Teagues[note 1], changing his handle to @DarksideSeekers and using the account to publicize the cover-up of paranormal activity in the town.

In June of 2011, the Darkside Seekers traveled to Haven to investigate the death of a man whose heart had been ripped out by what appeared to be a rougarou.


Order	Title	                        Date Posted

1	Darkside Seekers Exhibit 14x	2013-08-23
2	Darkside Seekers Exhibit 23x	2013-09-04
3	Darkside Seekers Exhibit 32x	2013-09-11
4	Darkside Seekers Exhibit 25x	2013-09-12
5	Darkside Seekers Exhibit 27x	2013-09-13
6	Coming to Haven	                2013-11-19
7	Finally in Haven	        2013-11-20
8	At the Haven Herald	        2013-11-21



  1. This occured on 23 August 2013 in the real world with a tweet reading "This account has been co-opted by us, The Darkside Seekers. We're here to #DiscoverHaven once and for all."

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