• Have you ever thought of how you would have liked to see Haven continue after the series finale Forever? In a way, the finale of season 5B served as a possible continuation and series finale depending on how Syfy decided its fate.


    Like how would Nathan and Paige get along? How would the town treat the new Audrey? Heck do people even know the truth about her? Just some of the many questions Haven had yet to answer.

    But what if Haven had the chance to tell that story, how would you like it to be told? The idea was being thrown around at a Haven panel at London comic con with Emily Rose and Lucas Byrant (look here for more details

    How would you like to see Haven return? Special event series? Another season? Tv movie?

    Personally I would love to have a Haven tv movie to explore and finish things off. More Nathan and Audrey couldn't hurt either. :)

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    • i agree

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    • I'd love a two-three part TV movie (a bit a la Sherlock or Luther)

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    • I recently stumbled upon a fan fiction site with a rather large Haven section. There is one story in there that is a continuation of the Haven story. It picks up about a year after the series finale and is truly a great piece of reading. You can check it out for yourself here¬†:


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