• In season 3 Jordan says if Audrey goes in to the barn her the barn and the troubles will disappear for 27 years just like they did when Lucy went in the barn. If Lucy went in and disappeared for 27 years with the troubles then how did Nathan know he couldnt feel pain in the 1st episode aa this is his trouble?

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    • That is a good question. I would have to think that the troubles come before Audrey/Lucy/Sarah arrive. So the troubles were already there before Audrey arrived. As for Nathan knowing he couldn't feel pain, this could be linked to the accident he had a child. The troubles could have been there during this accident when he broke his arm and this trouble had gotten triggered.

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    • I had also understood it to be a case of the Troubles would arrive before Audrey, etc. And I may be misremembering something, but I swear I remember someone (maybe Vince) sayind something to the effect that the Troubles had been there for three years, or something, before Audrey arrived. I may be remembering the length of time wrong, but I am pretty sure they came ahead of her.

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    • Thanks. I can watch it in peace now. It was annoying me. I hate when something doesnt make sense in a program and its all you can think about. The troubles arriving before audrey coming back would make sense. Im just starting season 4 now. Im hoping "Audrey" comes back and doesn't stay Lexi for too long

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