Specific timelines:

pre 1900sEdit

  • 1698 - A broadsheet titled Herald of Haven reads "The most REVERED FLAGG to elaborate on the proper devices & most godly mechanisms for the examination and discovery of wytches."[6]
  • 1812 - Rufus P. Barker was born[3]

20th centuryEdit

  • ca. 1935 - The Teague brothers are born sometime in the early 1930s.[source 6]
  • 1950 - By this point in time the Teagues brothers must have met Garland Wuornos.[source 10]
  • Thursday, May 21, 1959 - The Haven Herald publishes an article on Gordon Chambers: "Black man makes Haven his home"[21]
  • ca 1960 - the last of the Carvers died.[9]

The Sarah Vernon Trouble periodEdit

For a complete listing of all events during this time period see our main article on the Sarah Vernon period of Troubles.

From approximately 1954-1956, the Troubles returned, as part of the 27 year cycle. When the mysterious woman returned to Haven this time, she came as Sarah Vernon.

On her first day in Haven, Vernon met Nathan Wuornos, who had gotten stuck in 1955 due a a time-traveling Trouble. They had sex, conceiving James Cogan, the Colorado Kid.[inconsistent 5] That same day, she killed Roy Crocker in the basement of the Haven Medical Center, in self defense.[13]

A year later, Sarah traveled to Nederland, Colorado, and gave her newborn son to Paul and June Cogan, who named him James.[22] [inconsistent 6]

During her stay in Haven, Vernon worked with the Teagues brothers, and Vince Teagues fell in love with her.[24]

Post-Sarah Troubles, Pre-Lucy TroublesEdit

The Lucy Ripley Trouble periodEdit

For a complete listing of all events during this time period see our main article on The Lucy Ripley period of Troubles.

From approximately 1981-1983, the Troubles returned, as part of the 27 year cycle. When the mysterious woman returned to Haven this time, she came as Lucy Ripley. During her stay in Haven, Ripley worked with Garland Wuornos, an HPD rookie. She also worked with James Cogan, the son she had given birth to during her time as Sarah Vernon.

The Troubles returned on 12 June 1981, Jennifer Mason's birthdate.[30][inconsistent 7] The Troubles were worse than ever and with no sign of the mysterious woman's return, Vince Teagues approached his friend Simon Crocker, and activated Crocker's Trouble with his own blood. He asked Crocker to kill his father-in-law to end his wife's Trouble, and he did.[32]

Two years later, on May 21st, 1983, Teagues and Ripley killed Crocker.[source 16][32] A day later, Ripley's son, James Cogan was killed.[33] Ripley brought his body to the Barn, restoring him, and fled Haven, looking for a way to end the Troubles permanently.[34][35]

In late October, on the night of the Hunter Meteor Storm, Ripley entered the Barn. Her disappearance was reported in the Herald on Thursday, October 22nd.[inconsistent 8][inconsistent 9][inconsistent 3]

Post-Lucy Troubles, Pre-Audrey TroublesEdit

  • ca. 1985 - After Hansen is sent upstate, Garland Wuornos adopts Nathan.[inconsistent 11]
  • 1987 - The Gibson girl got hit by a car. Ever since then, no one has parked in that spot.[27]
  • ca. 1990-94 - Robert Taylor spent the night in the school gym after Paul Sullivan told him that Denise wanted to meet him under the bleachers. Taylor got detention for a month.[38]
  • ca. 1993-94 - Nathan Wuornos asks Hannah Driscoll to the prom, without bothering to ask her father, Reverend Driscoll's, permission. The Rev found out and forbid Hannah to go. Hannah disobeyed him and she and Nathan had sex while they watched a meteor shower.[8]
  • ca. 1997 - Simon Crocker's secretly arranges for Duke to win the Cape Rouge in a poker game on Duke's twenty-first birthday.[34]
  • 1998 - Little Maggie Kelly wins the title of Lobster Princess.[39]
  • ca. late-1990s/early 2000s - Jennifer Mason's adoptive father dies.[40]
  • ca. 2000 - The HPD flooded[8]
  • ca. 2001 - The Seastar got caught in a storm and sank to the bottom of the Atlantic.[39]
  • ca. 2006 - Jennifer Mason's adoptive mother dies.[40]

Unknown dates in this periodEdit

  • Lilly McBreen was offered a contract by a music executive. She and her husband, Ray, went to her favorite composing place to celebrate, but got into an accident, crashing into the Penobscot River. Lilly was under the water for over 8 minutes and suffered severe brain damage.[20]

The Audrey Parker Trouble periodEdit

For a complete listing of all events during this time period see our main article on The Audrey Parker period of Trouble s.

From approximately 2007-2010, the Troubles returned, as part of the 27 year cycle. When the mysterious woman returned to Haven this time, she came as FBI Agent Audrey Parker.


  1. Haven is using the Julian calender, which is appropriate for Maine, 1725.


  1. 1725 is 12 years after the mysterious woman would have left, taking the Troubles with her. It could be that the 27 year cycle is not exact or was not yet established. Or, the ship could have been outside of Haven, and therefore outside of the protective shield created by the Barn.
  2. 1934 is 6 years after the 1928 Troubles.
  3. 3.0 3.1 The paper says it was released on "Thursday" but the date provided is a Saturday.
  4. The date "April 8th 1949 comes from Simon's tombstone.[3] On August 16th 1955, Roy sends Simon a birthday card. Either he's only getting around to mailing off a birthday card months later, or this is a continuity error.
  5. Cogan's birthdate and conception date are a year apart.
  6. According to Cogan's missing persons flyer in "Real Estate",[23] he was born on August 31st. However, this birthdate is a year apart from his conception date, which is impossible.
  7. According to the paperwork filed by Byron Howard, Jennifer Mason was born on June 27sup>th</sup> 1984.[31] The birth certificate is simply a production error: not yet having a birthdate for the character, the production team used Emma Lahana's (the actor who plays Mason) birthdate for these props.
  8. According to the article in the Herald,[36] the Hunter Meteor Storm was on a Monday. Following the dating of this edition of the Herald, Monday would have been October 18th. But the article also says that the Hunter appeared on October 21st.'
  9. The article says that the Hunter Meteor Storm was most active on the 21st of October...2010. This is likely a production error, someone was thinking of the 2010 Hunter Meteor Storm and put that date in an article from 1983.
  10. According to Wade Crocker's fishing license,[37] he was born Thursday, February 5th 1985. This is nine years after Duke's estimated birthdate on 1976, which is a problem as Wade is supposed to be older than Duke. Wade also went sledding with Duke and Nathan Wuornos in 1983, 2 years before the 1985 birthdate provided.[29]
  11. In "Spiral"[19] Garland says that he adopted Nathan after Hansen went to prison and Hansen says that he wants his family back, implying that he did have some hand in raising Nathan at one point. Nathan would have been about nine years old if Garland adopted him in 1985, but his adoption comes as a complete surprise to him. Nathan does have memories of his childhood, so if his memories have been wiped or he's suppressing, it isn't affecting all of his memories.


  1. It's mentioned that the box was made in "The Colonial Period".[2]
  2. This date comes from the sign outside the Herald. It is clearly visible in "Sins of the Father",[3] "301"[4] and "Fallout".[5]
  3. Dialog saying "eighteenth century".[9]
  4. In "Sarah",[13] the newspaper obituary says that Roy Crocker was 35 when he died on August 16th, 1955. This means that he was born sometime between August 17th 1919 and August 16th 1920.
  5. Details of a police report from 1954, seen in "Ball and Chain".[14]
  6. This is a best guess. By 1955, the Teague brothers are shown as being in their early 20s.[13][16]
  7. In "The Farmer"[17] Harry Nix wears a Sea Dogs jacket that says "Est. 1938".
  8. The sign outside the bakery says "Est. 1949".[18]
  9. This is a best guess. In "Sarah"[13] (16 Aug 55) young Garland Wuornos appears to be about 5 years old.
  10. In "Spiral"[19] Dave Teagues says that they've known Garland for over 60 years.
  11. In "Consumed"[25] Nathan says that Benjy's "been there for forty years".
  12. In "Magic Hour: Part 2",[26] Moira says that Noelle was 8 years old at the time of the car accident.
  13. In "Fur"[27] Dave says that he has belonged to the Haven Hunt Club for 35 years.
  14. In "Butterfly",[8] Nathan says he was seven in February 1983. By spring of that year, he and Duke were both eight, implying that their birthdays are sometime between February and spring.[28]
  15. In "Resurfacing",[28] Duke points out that he and Nathan were both eight at the time of the tack incident.
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