From approximately 1954-1956, the Troubles returned, as part of the 27 year cycle. When Mara returned to Haven this time, she came as Army nurse Sarah Vernon. During her stay in Haven, Vernon worked with the Teagues brothers, and Vince fell in love with her.[1]


  • Friday, April 23rd - In Derry, Maine, Alexandra Leidner is taken over by her Trouble and has sex with a 40-year old man
  • Sunday, April 25th - The unknown man starts rapidly aging and dies when Leidner gives birth and holds the child
  • Monday, April 26th - Leidner reports finding the body of this unknown man, and tells the cops that he had rapidly aged
  • Friday, April 30rd - Leidner is again taken over by her Trouble, and has sex with another unidentified man
  • Sunday, May 2nd - The second man starts rapidly aging and dies when Leidner gives birth and holds the child
  • Monday, May 3rd - Leidner dies as a result of childbirth[source 1]


  • Tuesday, August 16th - Stuart Mosley's Trouble sends Duke and Nathan back in time to this day.
  • Saturday, November 5th - Arthur Chambers causes most of his family and all of his neighbors to disappear and be forgotten. About the same time, a train running in a circular track with horses inside the circle appears. Chambers tries without success to bring the people back, and later kills himself.[5]


Undated eventsEdit


  1. Roy includes in Simon's birthday card a doubloon that he got from Duke, who got it from his father, Simon. This is an example of a Bootstrap paradox.


  1. According to the tombstone in "Sins of the Fathers"[4], Simon was born on April 8th 1949. On August 16th 1955, Simon sends Roy a birthday card. Either he's only getting around to mailing off a birthday card months later, or this is a continuity error.
  2. 2.0 2.1 Cogan's birthdate and conception date are a year apart.
  3. The details of this article reference the events of "Fur",[8], almost 50 years before it happened.[9] The text of this article is also used as filler in the articles "Ship Breaks Up In Calm Seas"[10] and "Police Continue Investigation"[11]


  1. From "Ball and Chain"[2]. The police report that Nathan reads aloud from is viewable on his computer screen, giving us the precise date that Leidner reported finding the body. The report also says that she died a week later. The other dates are extrapolations from knowing the specifics of how Beatrice Mitchell's Trouble worked. Abby also tells us that she never delivered a baby in the family without the father dying, which tells us that Leidner didn't die until after her child was and she held it.
  2. James Cogan's birthdate comes from the missing persons flyer in "Real Estate"[6].
  3. From the episode "Roots"[13]. The dialogue says that it's been "over 50 years".


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