Most bloodlines pass through the father using a single line of descent. There have been only two matrilineal bloodlines. The majority of Troubles are not only patrilineal, they pass from father to son.

It's unknown what happens when both parents are Troubled. No Troubled character has been revealed to have more than one Troubled parent, although statistically speaking it's almost impossible for every character seen to have only one Troubled parent, especially given that many characters can trace their bloodlines back to the founding of Haven. It is possible that one Trouble dominates the other, and patrilineal Troubles tend to be more dominant.

For the larger effects of this trope, see Tropes: Women.

Non-gender specificEdit

  • The Novelli family Trouble comes from twin girls several generations back. It affects both daughters and sons for several generations.[1]
  • Piper Taylor got her Trouble from her father. She gave it to her son Landon, who likely gave it to his son, Zack.[2]
  • Harry Nix got his Trouble from his father. He gave it to both daughters and sons.[3]

Matrilineal TroublesEdit

Mother to daughterEdit

Patrilineal TroublesEdit

Father to sonEdit


  1. It is not known if his wife actually had ever had the Trouble or if Vince simply assumed she would get it.


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