Trouble in mind

Trouble in Mind[note 1] is a horror novel written by Stephen Bachman. [note 2] It is the writer's sixty-eighth book and his thirty-seventh number one bestseller.[note 3] The story takes place in the fictional Maine town of Dayton Ferry, and draws inspiration from the Troubles experienced by many of Haven's residents. The heroine, when angry can make someone's blood boil.[note 4] Another character has their drawings come to life and stab people.[note 5]

Bachman held a book-signing at Bea's Bookstore in Haven, Maine, and Lawrence Fellows wrote a review of the book for an issue of the Haven Herald.[6]


  1. Trouble In Mind is not only a reference to The Troubles, it's also a reference to Trouble In Mind, Hayes Carll's third album. Hayes Carll made Stephen King's 2007 list of best music with his song "Down the Road Tonight", which was King's second-most played song of the year.[1]
  2. "Stephen Bachman" is a combination of Stephen King and Richard Bachman, an alias that King used from 1977 - 1985.
  3. While King is prolific, he's not quite as prolific as Stephen Bachman. At the time this article was written, King had just published his sixtieth book, 11/2//63.
  4. This Trouble has elements similar to Nikki Coleman and Jordan McKee's Troubles.[2][3]
  5. This Trouble has element's similar to Vicki Dutton and Thorton Aarons's Troubles.[4][5]


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