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Vincent Teagues
Vince teagues
Season 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Ability Can create a new barn
Occupation Journalist
The Guard (Leader)
Caretaker of the Barn
First Appearance Welcome to Haven
Last Appearance Forever
Relationships Dave Teagues (adoptive brother)†
Audrey Parker (friend)
Nathan Wournos (friend)
Duke Crocker (friend)
Dwight Hendrickson (ally)
Jennifer Mason (friend, employee)†
Unknown wife, divorced
Appeared In 57 episodes + 1 uncredited
Status Alive (as long he is the barn's caretaker)
Actor Richard Donat

Vincent 'Vince' Teagues is the brother of Dave Teagues, a resident of Haven, Maine, and the co-publisher of the Haven Herald. He is also an artist, preferring sketching to photography.

Vince, along with his brother Dave, provided much of the show's comic relief throughout the first two seasons. From the third season onwards, and continuing into the fourth season, his character (along with that of his brother), has developed a darker, more sinister tone.

Season 1Edit

In June 2010, he and his brother showed a photograph of the Colorado Kid crime scene to FBI Agent Audrey Parker, who greatly resembled a woman in that picture.

Prior to the grand re-opening of the Second Chance Bistro, Vince and his brother helped Agent Parker choose a dress for the evening. He and Dave later found a dead body in a rowboat covered with a tarp while fishing.

On 13 August 2010, he and his brother aided Parker and Wuornos in the investigation into T. R. Holt's death.

Toward the end of August, he and his brother confronted the Dark Man along with Parker.

Season 2Edit

In the 1950s, Vince knew Sarah, Lucy Ripley's predecessor.

Three weeks prior to Sins of the Fathers Vince had Garland Wuornos' remains exhumed.

In Business As Usual, Duke Crocker and Audrey discover a journal of his father's containing a photo of Dave and Sarah. Afterward, Audrey confronts Dave and Vince with the photo. She demands to know why, when they knew she was looking into her past, they did not tell her they had known her (as Sarah) when she was in Haven in the 1950s. They admit that they knew she was Lucy and Sarah before that.

The brothers add that she always arrives when the Troubles do and always helps the Troubled. They tell her she always looks the same, but has a new person's memories. However, they don't know where she goes between Troubled periods. Vince then gives Audrey a ring that had belonged to Sarah. He, along with Dave, may have been in love with Lucy, but they don't discuss it.

When Dave discovers Vince had Garland exhumed, he is furious and the brothers argue. Vince states that things are different this time, Audrey's different, and that they need Garland back.

Season 3Edit

Vince and Dave are suspicious of new detective, Tommy Bowen's relocation to Haven. Upon investigating they find material to blackmail him with so that they can discover his true motivations. However, he investigated them as well, and discovered they had millions of dollars hidden away, with no explanation as to where it came from.

They continue to keep secrets regarding Audrey and the Colorado Kid. Vince is still the more likely to reveal information. Their files were broken into by someone using a bolt gun - the same tool used by Audrey's abductor to murder at least three people.

Vince was eventually revealed to be leader of the Guard.  He manifested the Maze Tattoo, but he promised not to kill Duke.

Season 4Edit

Vince revealed to Duke and to Jennifer Mason that for him, the Guard mandala is a birthmark rather than a tattoo.  His family sees it as the symbol of a birthright; according to family lore, Vince is the Guardian of Haven.  However, he is not the Heart of Haven Jennifer needs to find in order to save the town.

Season 5 Edit

When Dave got shot, Vince carried his brother in the woods and remained in the hospital waiting for his comatose brother to wake up.

In Blind Spot, Vince is mourning Dave's death but Gloria tries to comfort him.

In The Widening Gyre, Vince is working with Agent Howard on how to create the new barn and how to fix the corruption Agent Howard had due to the corrupted Aether core. Realizing that you need love to hold the barn together, Vince asks Howard to make him the new controller of the barn. It is successful since when Nathan looks for Howard, he finds Vince in Howard's place.


Season 1Edit

Season 2Edit

Season 3Edit

Season 4Edit

Season 5 Edit


  • The character is based on Vince Teague from the novel.
  • To date, he is the only recurring character who has appeared in all the episodes in a single season, mainly Season 4.

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