For other people with the same first name, see William (disambiguation).
Will Brady
Season 3
Ability Sends everyone into a coma.
Appearance Last Goodbyes
Status Alive (in Coma)
Actor Nolan North

William Brady is the brother of Craig and Whitney Brady, a member of the North Haven Rams, and a resident of Haven, Maine.

He is an amnesiac who awakes to find everyone else in the town mysteriously asleep.


He was dating Erin, a girl who was a victim of the Bolt-Gun Killer, and on the night he was going to confess his feelings for her, they were attacked. Will watched the girl get grabbed and killed by the Bolt Gun Killer after he was hit in the head. He later went into a coma for two months. During his coma though he was still hearing everything that was said around him.


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