This is the Season 4 episode "William". For the titular character of this episode, see William (stranger). For other people with the same first name, see William
Haven 409
Season 4
Episode 9
Premiere date November 8, 2013
Written by Shernold Edwards
Directed by Grant Harvey
Previous episode Crush
Next episode The Trouble With Troubles
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William is the 48th episode of Haven and the ninth episode of the fourth season, scheduled to air on 8 November 2013 on Syfy.


Audrey believes the thugs from the barn are holding William as a hostage.





Guest StarringEdit



  • Duke: Wow, cleaner to chief to cat burglar. It's been a big year for you.
  • Duke: Is anyone else seeing this? I'm being arrested, and for once I really didn't do anything.
  • Nathan: I thought the people you knew in the barn weren't real.
    Jennifer: Except the guy that helped you William he was real.
    Audrey: So apparently these guys are too.
    Dave: Yeah, and now they're here. When we helped Audrey escape the barn, we tore a hole in the softspot between worlds, let them out.
    Vince: They'd been running amok in Haven. Turning curses into contagion, afflicting the non-troubled.
    Nathan: Which is why you need to let Audrey and I finish.
    Vince: No everything's different now.
    Dave: We found the local Mi'kmaq tribal legend. It says once the softspot is torn open, "What was once our salvation is now our doom."
    Vince: Audrey killing you now will only bring destruction to Haven.
    Duke: That is unless the horseshoe crab with human eyes evil and agony don't get us first. It's a fun read.
  • Gloria: Okay so I don't want to mix this up with my lunch I'm gonna take it to the lab but if you know anyone with this stuff dancing around their brains, strap them down. I don't want anymore customers today.
  • Dwight: [points tazer at Duke] Get away from Duke. He's just been waiting for a chance to kill us okay. I got enough juice in this thing to finally give you the execution you deserved ok.
    Jennifer: No leave Duke alone. Everything that's happened is Audrey's fault.
    Audrey: What?
    Nathan: Hey I'm the true chief in this town. You don't do anything without my say so.


  1. Credited as a special guest star.
  • This episode takes place on the same day as "Crush".